Historical Sewing

1903 Mourning Gown
1894 Day Dress
1885-90 Red Velvet Evening Gown
1872 Rainbow Fancy Dress
1871 Yellow Evening Gown
1870 Seaside Dress
1865-75 Working Dress
1860 Gored Corset
1830s Plaid Day Dress
1806 Evening Gown
1790s Transitional Stays & Black Gown
1776 Stays
1775 Italian Gown
1740s-60s Court Suit (Beauty and the Beast)
1650s Dutch Ensemble – PoF5 (wip)
1620s Blue Wool Suit*

Historically inspired

Klimt 1 (Edwardian)*
Morwen (15thc. Burgundian)*
Miriel (Tang Dynasty)
Indis (16thc. European)

*Not on this site – link goes to portfolio with progress shots

Some of these are for sale on my Etsy – feel free to take a peek!