Extant Garments Waist Measurement Resource (25″/64cm+) (800+ garments!)

Several bloggers have already written good posts explaining why the myth of the average 18″ waist exists (and persists!), so look through the links below if you’d like a refresher on survival bias, 19th century photoshop, and male fantasy.

I also did a live discussion of all of this during CoCoVid with Abby Cox on the Costuming Drama YouTube channel, if you’d like to see me talk about it in person.

Indeed, many of the surviving examples of historic dresses today have very small measurements, in the range of 19-24″ (48-61cm). But larger garments do exist, and so what I’ve attempted to do here is to compile a list of extant garments that have waists of 25″ (63.5cm) or more.

(I’ve also compiled a Pinterest board of portraits of larger ladies, accessible here.)

This list consists of dresses, bodices, etc. that are meant to go over corseted or stayed figures. There are also some corsets and stays (closed measurement given). The women who wore these gowns likely had un-corseted waist sizes of 2-4″ (5-10cm) larger than these measurements.
I am leaving out: very high waists; dropped waists; dresses that were altered in the 20th century; and maternity wear that is clearly only for late pregnancy.
Please feel free to send me garments that I don’t have on the list yet, or a database that I haven’t looked through.

See notes at bottom for links that aren’t working & for museum acronyms/info.

46″ (119cm)

1890s QV petticoat, Larson lot 335 (Note: 39 of Queen Victoria’s garments dating 1830-1900 are collected and described in this article, with waists from 55-119cm (21.5-46.85″). A few are on this list.)
c. 1897 QV black silk mourning dress, FIDM 2017.5.52AB

44″ (111.5cm)

1770s-80s linen stays with blue silk stitching, Norwich Museums NWHCM 1966.260
1900 QV black silk mourning dress (similar: 1894 – MMA 2009.300.1157a, b & 1894-95 – MMA 2009.300.1156a, b)
*c. 1915 black belted silk day dress with white collar

43″ (109cm)

Late 18th century stays, PMA 1998-162-51a,b
c. 1880s QV black silk mourning dress
* c. 1910 black silk day dress
c. 1912 black or navy silk taffeta day dress

42″ (106.5cm)

1785-95, CW 2004-97 – brown cotton robe à l’anglaise (the “raisin gown”)

41″ (104cm)

19thc, IMATEX 12830 – yellow floral silk skirt <image>

40″ (101.6cm)

c. 1785, DAR 2763.1 – brown printed cotton round gown <image>

38″ (96.5cm)

Late 19th century French dressform (“size 52”)
1882 silk ensemble, private collection <image tbd>
c. 1900 black silk bodice
c. 1910, IBC 125 – cream satin & black chiffon silk dress
c. 1915 black beaded evening dress
c. 1920 corset

37.5″ (95cm)

c. 1878 black satin Emile Pingat gown
c. 1914-15 white corset with violets

37″ (94cm)

c. 1885 purple velvet skirt with support straps
c. 1889 green silk brocade dinner dress
c. 1891 green silk ottoman reception dress with ciselé velvet (skirt waist is 38″)
c. 1912 natural-colored linen suit dress w MOP & soutache

36.5″ (93cm)

c. 1650 red/gold brocaded silk court gown with gold lace, SKD i.0042.01

36″ (91.5cm)

c. 1650 yellow silk atlas, silver embroidery & lace court gown, SKD i.0043.01
1810-50, CW 2009-43,3 – brown silk Quaker gown
c. 1894 black and yellow silk tea gown
* 1894 lavender satin damask and lace tea gown by Worth, MCNY 42.146.20
*c. 1895 brown velvet & brocaded silk day dress by Worth, MCNY 42.146.11AB
c. 1900 corset (sex of original wearer unknown)
c. 1900 silk/wool green paisley skirt
c. 1905 ecru lace bodice (originally a lingerie dress)
*c. 1905 ivory china silk underwaist
*c. 1908 black silk crossed-lapel bodice
* c. 1910 cream silk lingerie dress with lace, MCHC 347
c. 1912 brown cotton embroidered bodice
*c. 1912 black silk bodice with false plastron and black net
c. 1912 purple silk bodice
c. 1912 blue wool/silk bodice
c. 1915 brown printed silk dress

35.5″ (90cm)

1785-1800, CW 1989-446 – black wool damask robe à l’anglaise
c. 1892, IBC 101 – black silk/wool day dress
c. 1915 black silk day bodice with black net overlay, coll. of @belle.ladies <image>
*c. 1915 black printed silk dress with white florals

35″ (89cm)

c. 1845, IBC 10a,b (orig. 65cm / 26″) – cream plaid wool day dress
c. 1850 purple plaid satin ensemble with day and evening bodices
1850s-60s orange paisley plaid wool dress
c. 1865-70 brown silk taffeta & black velvet trimmed day bodice, coll. of Abby Cox <temp image>
c. 1866 purple striped ensemble with day and evening bodices
*c. 1895 black/white printed cotton wrapper house dress
*c. 1897 black day ensemble <image>
c. 1900, IBC 162a,b – black silk mourning dress
c. 1903 black silk chiffon bodice
c. 1908 black silk satin bodice
* c. 1908 black silk bodice
*c. 1910 black acetate taffeta and lace bodice
c. 1915 beige underbust corset

34.5″ (87.5cm)

1770-1785 cream silk satin stays, CW 1960-729

34″ (86cm)

1762-67, MoL A12413 – brocaded cream robe à la française
1775-85, CW 2015-155,A&B – cream silk embroidered jacket
1837-39 cotton morning dress, personal collection of Nancy Bradfield, p.165.
1849-50, UK NT 1349132 (info from Bradfield, p.187) – brown printed wool lawn dress
1850-55, DAR 2009.19.2 ** <image> black silk and cotton wrapper
c. 1865 cream plaid/floral silk day dress (fabric 1850s, listed as maternity but??)
* c. 1865 brown silk moire day dress, MCNY deaccession
* c. 1865 brown and blue silk plaid day dress, MCNY deaccession (originally c.1858, altered)
c. 1872 purple taffeta day dress, Larson 378
c. 1876 burgundy silk evening gown
c. 1879 taupe & champagne silk reception dress with fringe and train
c. 1880 embroidered cream coat
c. 1885 brown silk dress
c. 1885 brown striped silk dress (with og 1860s bodice)
1890s green silk painted dress (heavily remade, possibly from 1830s; skirt is 34″, bodice is 28″)
c. 1899 pink moire and black applique day dress, Larson 407
*c. 1899 black silk bodice with white lace striping
1902 natural linen with green embroidery bodice
*c. 1903 embroidered black silk shirtwaist
c. 1904 black silk net skirt
c. 1907 black and white lace evening gown
c. 1909 avant-garde black beaded dress (with Iribe roses?)
c. 1912 black silk dress
*c. 1912 black silk and net bodice by Mme. Gayaud
c. 1912 black brocaded gabardine bodice with bias trim
c. 1913 navy chiffon & magenta lining silk tea gown by Worth (left)
1913 blue/gray silk charmeuse & chiffon day dress, MHS 1998.160.4.A
c. 1914 ivory satin beaded wedding dress w/ panniers & hobble skirt
c. 1915 corset
c. 1915 black and green wool-blend day bodice
*c. 1915 black embroidered cotton bodice
*c. 1915 black beaded silk charmeuse collared dress

33.5″ (85cm)

c. 1836 blue/brown/white roller print cotton day dress
c. 1880 purple/white gingham workwear dress
c. 1914 blue/white plaid work/day dress

33″ (84cm)

1562, white or light yellow silk satin with brown velvet and metallic trim, coll. Galleria del Costume, Florence (PoF v. 1, p. 102)
1700-1730 unmade jumps, CW 2010-120,A&B (SA left off when calculating)
c. 1780, CW 1987-5 (approx.) – buff silk damask Italian gown
c. 1833
brown silk dress and pelerine
1837-41 brown silk morning dress, coll. Gloucester Museum #F. 702 (PoF v.1, p. 64-65)
c. 1884 burgundy silk polonaise gown
c. 1890 blue/brown striped silk tea gown
1890s brown bathing suit
1894 pale blue satin and ivory lace Worth evening gown
1898 Elise Lalanne boudoir gown <image>
c. 1898 black silk day dress with ivory plastron
c. 1905 black and pink polka-dotted corset
c. 1908 embroidered white lawn tea gown with Valenciennes lace
1909-10 black beaded net evening dress, coll. of Commander Hart. Bradfield (CiD p. 331)
c. 1915 gray chiffon & satin afternoon dress (#255)
c. 1916 light corset
late 19th-early 20th century split drawers

32.5″ (82.5cm)

c. 1869 ivory satin trained gown
c. 1870 redone in 1890s brown and black silk dress
c. 1888 gray silk faille bodice
c. 1898 black silk reception dress
c. 1900 black glazed cotton petticoat (right)
c. 1902 brown silk day bodice <image>
c. 1905 black silk net and velvet evening gown
c. 1909 pale corset
c. 1910 short corset (32.3″)
1910-15 teal wool coat, IBC 182
c. 1913 ivory silk dress

32″ (81cm)

c. 1775, CW 1955-428,1 – blue striped silk robe à la française
1775-1790, CW 1999-19 – brown cotton stays
*c. 1780s fuschia silk satin Italian-style gown and matching petticoat, MCHC 126
c. 1780 Spitalfields cream floral silk gown (previous auction lot)
c. 1785-95 stays, collection of Jean Hunnisett, PCSS p. 137
c. 1828 red silk evening gown – provenance included (previous auction lot)
c. 1850 white cotton corded petticoat, Larson lot 199
c. 1860 dark burgundy and floral print cotton day dress
c. 1863 purple wool day dress
c. 1865 pink cotton print dress (uncertain whether skirt is drawstring or not)
*c. 1865 purple silk wrapper with black velvet trim
c. 1867 silver (purple originally?) day dress
c. 1868 gray silk satin dinner dress with pink fringe, Larson 225
c. 1870 paisley wrapper
c. 1870 pinstriped copper silk afternoon dress
c. 1870 lavender-gray figured silk day dress
c. 1877 gray and blue silk day dress
1870s-80s drawers, coll. of Nancy Bradfield, p. 249.
* c. 1889 black and ivory silk damask and black lace evening dress, IMA 78.98A-B
c. 1880 pink cotton sateen corset, MFIT P91.43.2
1880s beige corset with flossing
c. 1884 dark blue silk evening gown by Worth
c. 1892 dark gray satin & taupe ciselé velvet dinner gown
c. 1898 green faille and organdy bodice, IBC 49
c. 1898 black silk gown
* 1898-1902 black silk net, cream silk satin, and white and gold lace and appliquéd evening gown by Doucet, MCHC 124
c. 1899 black silk polka dot dress (bust 41.5″)
c. 1900 dark green wool/silk bodice
c. 1900 black silk bodice
c. 1900? blue silk velvet dinner dress
*c. 1901 blue/black figured silk day bodice
c. 1903 black velvet and chiffon dinner dress (#373)
c. 1903 olive silk and black lace day dress, Larson 319
c. 1904 off-white corset
*c. 1904 black cotton shirtwaist
*c. 1906 black silk taffeta bodice
c. 1906/7 green wool & soutache walking suit with velvet by A.H. Metzner (#11297)
c. 1906/7 green silk/wool walking dress by A.H. Metzner (#11294)
*c. 1908 white linen shirtwaist with lace and embroidery
c. 1910 cream corset
c. 1910 short off-white corset
* c. 1910 aniline blue silk taffeta and shiffon evening dress, MCHC 283 
c. 1910 white lace insertion muslin tea dress (#0018)
c. 1910 blue/green changeante silk bodice
c. 1910 black silk bodice
c. 1912 black silk & lace evening gown
c. 1912 black silk velvet, chiffon, and sequined evening gown
c. 1912 pink silk satin dinner gown (high waist)
c. 1914 gold net and pink/light blue embroidered waist (#11459)
c. 1915 black silk day dress
c. 1915 black silk day dress with embroidered chiffon insert
c. 1915 ivory embroidered silk evening gown (#4752)
c. 1918 <image> brown silk satin dinner dress

31.5″ (80cm)

*1750-60 cream silk damask robe à la française, CW 2020-140
1760-90 red quilted silk petticoat, CW 1985-116,2
1775-1815 short gown, CW 1985-242
1795-1800 white chintz bodice, CW  (31.75″, slightly raised waist)
c. 1860, beige printed cotton day dress, IBC 63 (original waist 70cm/27.5″)
1874-75, black muslin & taffeta day dress for half-mourning, UK NT 1349145 (info from Bradfield p. 231)
c. 1889 black silk gown
c. 1895 cream/black satin stripe day dress (skirt; bodice is 32″)
c. 1900 green velvet boudoir gown by Worth
c. 1905 black & pink polka-dot corset
c. 1906 gray silk & mauve satin tea dress, IBC 77
c. 1910 linen lingerie dress
c. 1913 lilac cotton underbust corset

31″ (78.5cm)

c. 1770 orange silk francaise (27″ waist, but it’s a francaise so I added 4″ for the gap)
c. 1780 cream figured silk anglaise, CW 1985-142
1780s chintz italian gown
19th century purple striped/figured silk evening dress, IMATEX 15023 (30.7″) <image>
c. 1860 plum & ivory silk striped day dress
1869-70 brown/white cotton plaid day dress, DAR 96.59 <image>
1857-60 welsh cloth crinoline, Chastleton House (Bradfield 197)
1857-60 open net crinoline, Bradfield collection, p. 198.
c. 1875 brown/white printed cotton housedress, IBC 128a,b
c. 1885 black velvet and black/gold figured silk dinner dress, PMA 1949-29-3a–c
c. 1888 steel blue silk and lace evening dress
c. 1888 blue brocaded silk & red/orange striped faille reception gown
c. 1890s (originally 1860s) purple shot silk satin day dress for half-mourning, IBC 109
c. 1895 bright red silk dinner bodice
c. 1895 black wool walking suit
c. 1900 cream lace tea bodice
c. 1900 white irish crochet waist (#5933)
c. 1902 mint green satin ball gown
c. 1905 white cotton lawn & lace tea dress
*c. 1905 black bodice with white ruffling
c. 1908 black wool day bodice
c. 1909 embroidered lawn tea dress
c. 1909 linen walking suit with cutwork & reticella filling
c. 1910 white corset with lozenge lace
c. 1912 white Irish & Valenciennes lace tea gown
c. 1912 plum velvet afternoon dress & jacket
*c. 1912 black silk and wool day dress
*c. 1913 white cotton sport skirt
c. 1915 blue velvet dinner dress
*c. 1915 black silk dress with rose embroideries
c. 1915 ivory crepe blouse (#11686)
c. 1915 orange silk satin party dress by Lanvin
c. 1915? pink suit with ivory insertion lace, Larson 472 (left)
c. 19145 garnet silk evening dress

30.5″ (77.5cm)

c. 1880 cranberry red wool housedress, IBC 31
c. 1888 yellow leather and black silk corset (78cm)
* c. 1910 ecru silk velvet and netting dinner dress, IMA 1986.459

30″ (76cm)

c. 1650, blue-green plush boned bodice, private collection (PoF v.5, p. 54-55)
1750-65, pale yellow worsted wool anglaise, CW 1988-223 (open-front gown is 26″)
1760-80, brown ribbed silk anglaise, CW 1983-227
1770-99 natural-colored jean stays, UK NT 1348926 (CiD, p. 44)
c. 1770 pale yellow silk italian gown?, UK NT 1348724 (CiD, p.58)
c. 1770-80 brown and white striped silk/cotton anglaise
c. 1775 cream figured silk italian gown, UK NT 1348712.1 (CiD, p.61)
c. 1780, canary-yellow quilted silk petticoat, IBC 69
1780-95, quilted white cotton petticoat CW 1936-666,1 (this is maternity and expandable)
*c. 1845 red-brown cotton simple day dress with white printed pattern
c. 1850s-60s (remade) blue & brown striped figured silk day dress
c. 1850s-80s, red wool skirt with black embroidery, IMATEX 11121 <image>
c. 1855, white cotton with lavender print housedress, IBC 100
c. 1860 purple/white/green plaid silk day dress
c. 1860 plaid tan silk organza gown
c. 1860s brown moire day dress
c. 1863 bright blue silk dinner dress
c. 1863 teal/blue/tan stripe sheer cotton day dress
c. 1864 white cotton day dress with lilac print
c. 1864 white cotton windowpane day dress with pink trim
c. 1865 deep blue taffeta robe à la transformation
*c. 1870 figured rust-brown simple woolen day dress
c. 1873 gray-blue silk day dress
c. 1874 blue and cream silk satin and stripe dinner gown by Pingat, PMA 1938-18-12a,b
* c. 1874 green silk trousseau dress, IMA 51.18A-C
*c. 1875 black silk bombazine bodice
c. 1876 black silk and navy velvet dress
c. 1876 silk dress in shades of green
1877 white and cream silk day dress, MHS 6062.63.A,B
c. 1879 wedding gown
c. 1880 green & blue wool and silk gown
c. 1880 bright yellow & floral silk gown by Maison Félix
1882-83 (skirt), MoL 40.41b
c. 1883 deep purple silk dress
c. 1883 brown day dress with beading & MOP
c. 1884 black silk faille & ice blue silk satin polonaise visiting dress
c. 1885 maternity corset
c. 1890 red printed wool dressing robe (there must be a fitted lining)
c. 1890 cream silk ottoman & red silk, embroidered dinner dress, Larson 414
c. 1892 ivory silk faille and green silk satin evening gown, Larson 317
*c. 1894 beige cotton Watteau-back tea gown with pink silk satin trim, MCHC 348
c. 1895 cream silk ball gown by Maison Worth
c. 1895 black silk satin & moire afternoon dress
*c. 1895-1900 light blue silk damask and ivory lace afternoon dress (skirt; bodice w 34″), MCHC 214
c. 1897 black velvet evening dress with long sleeves
c. 1900 cream silk with pink flower print evening dress (skirt and original bodice; latter was later altered to 32″)
c. 1900 cream silk satin, taffeta, and lace wedding? dress by Weeks
c. 1900 brown and white striped silk and lace reception bodice
c. 1900 blue silk satin with ivory lace day dress, Larson 318
*c. 1900 black silk day bodice with net center inset
c. 1903 ivory floral silk and Honiton lace evening gown, Larson 403
c. 1904 ivory cotton corset
c. 1904 cream linen cutwork tea gown, Larson 449
c. 1905 Battenburg lace tea gown
*c. 1905 black silk crepe bodice with appliqués
c. 1905 ivory lawn & Valenciennes lace tea gown
c. 1905 ivory striped cotton organdy and lace tea gown (#11659)
c. 1905 white sheer yellow floral print tea gown (#6164)
c. 1906 ecru cotton lawn dress with entredeux
*c. 1906 black cotton batiste shirtwaist with insertion lace
c. 1906 silver & black brocaded silk day dress (skirt; bodice is 22″, somehow)
c. 1906 black embroidered chiffon blouse
c. 1908 white cotton lawn tea gown with entredeux
c. 1908 black wool broadcloth & polychrome embroidered day ensemble, Larson 463
c. 1908 black glazed cotton petticoat w/ black silk satin hem (left)
*c. 1908 black silk bodice with ecru lace
c. 1909 fawn silk dress, coll. of J. Procter. Bradfield, 325.
*c. 1910 patterned black lace bodice with gold trim
c. 1910 tucked ecru lawn tea dress
c. 1910 white linen summer set
c. 1910 beige silk pongee afternoon dress & matching coat
c. 1910 ivory silk evening gown with gold netting, bullion, beads, & sequins (#3549)
c. 1910 white cotton batiste summer dress with blue embroidery (#6731)
1910-15, black silk chiffon-draped cream silk satin afternoon dress, IBC 66
1912 cream & navy satin & chiffon dinner bodice by Paquin (right)
c. 1912 black silk satin dinner dress with appliqué and fringe
c. 1912 white linen & irish lace & cutwork tea gown
1912-15 gold lamé & blue satin evening dress
c. 1913 red cotton mesh summer corset
*c. 1913 sheer pink cotton afternoon dress
c. 1913-14 peach silk satin & grey silk net evening dress, Larson 531
*c. 1914 sheer white cotton dress
c. 1915 sheer cream lawn dress
c. 1915 black silk day dress with red trim
c. 1916 yellow china silk with satin stripe and chiffon insert party dress
c. 1916 black/white stripe cotton day dress
1916 cream net & silk charmeuse, lace, beaded evening dress by Callot Sœurs, Larson 534
c. 1925 ivory charmeuse wedding gown (“approximate size 12”) by J.P. Worth

29.5″ (75cm)


1760s robe à la française with a 29″ waist. PMA 1981-9-1.

1770-76 pale yellow silk with multicolor brocading anglaise, CW 2015-210,A&B
c. 1780, white chintz italian gown, CW 1991-450
c. 1825 mauve & red/green striped silk evening dress
1858 brown plaid silk wedding dress, HD 96.007.1 <image>
1864 wedding bodice, cream silk with pleated trim (29.25″)
c. 1868, ivory figures & striped silk day dress with fringe, IMATEX 14322 <image>
c. 1876 sage green silk faille, red velvet panels and ecru embroidered lace trim dinner dress
c. 1898 eggplant silk visiting gown with lace by Madame Percy
*c. 1905 black silk evening gown with lace
c. 1905 white cotton corset with multiple lacing options
c. 1908 black and silver brocaded silk satin tea gown by Maison Worth
c. 1917 cream lace lingerie dress (right)

29″ (73.5cm)

c. 1765, red brocaded silk française, PMA 1981-9-1
1780s black printed caraco
1840-45, silk/wool cream/pink striped day dress, UK NT 1349137.1 (info from Bradfield, p. 181)
1850 brown silk moire day dress
c. 1850s cotton organdy petticoat (left)
c. 1855 blue silk day dress (remade from 1840s; originally 24″)
c. 1860 orange/brown/green striped cotton roller print day dress
c. 1860 printed white voile day dress (sheer)
c. 1863 green silk taffeta day dress
c. 1865, purple/silver/black/pink striped day dress, IBC 677
*c. 1869-71 gold/lavender changeante silk visiting gown, MCHC 123
c. 1873 blue printed white sheer cotton summer dress
c. 1874 linen/silk pink striped seaside dress
c. 1875 navy blue velvet, blue pleating, ecru lace reception dress, PMA 1976-120-1a–c
c. 1876 white cotton floral print day dress
c. 1878 plum silk & wool reception gown
c. 1878-80 black silk and velvet dress
c. 1880 (skirt; bodice is 31″)
*c. 1882 brown and white printed cotton wrapper
c. 1883 plum silk visiting dress
c. 1884 cream wool & ice-blue silk day dress by Mazille <archive link>
c. 1885 black velvet & cream satin 15th/16thc party costume
1890s (originally c. 1876) pale blue silk satin evening gown
c. 1896 mauve figured satin & cream chiffon evening gown
c. 1897 light blue/gold striped day dress with black velvet trim
c. 1898 mesh summer corset
c. 1898 peacock brocaded silk day dress
c. 1898 taupe faille/silver satin and black chiffon reception dress
c. 1898 cream silk satin, tulle, and lace evening gown by Worth
c. 1900 navy wool & velvet day dress
*c. 1900 blue/white polka dotted silk/cotton blend day bodice
c. 1900 black brocaded silk day dress with green inserts (skirt; bodice is 30″)
*c. 1900 tan/white plaid simple day dress
c. 1902, black & purple silk taffeta day dress, IBC 11a,b
c. 1903 pink chiffon bodice with fringe
c. 1903 yellow and black afternoon dress (skirt; bodice is 31″ waist)
c. 1903 black silk gown
c. 1903 black sequined velvet ball gown by Drecoll
c. 1905 cream mixed lace bodice
c. 1905 pink & white cotton day dress (left)
c. 1905 cream cotton lawn day dress with Battenburg lace and pink satin lining
c. 1905 black dotted swiss cotton day bodice, coll. of Abby Cox
1905-1910 embroidered white muslin tea dress, IBC 231
c. 1905 black corset with white flossing
*c. 1906 cream lace & pink habotai tea gown
c. 1906 cream maternity corset with three sets of lacing
c. 1908 cream short corset
c. 1909 avant-garde black wool suit
c. 1910 Irish crochet wedding gown
c. 1910 white mixed lace tea gown
c. 1910 red linen walking suit
c. 1910 ivory muslin dress with embroidery, lace, crochet (#4249)
c. 1910 Arts & Crafts lavender silk afternoon dress
c. 1910 white cotton voile afternoon dress, IBC 43
*c. 1911 white cotton lingerie dress
c. 1912 black silk dress
*c. 1912 cream lace & soutache tea gown with black velvet trim
c. 1913 ivory lace lingerie dress
c. 1913 mixed lace tea gown with pink underlay and belt
1915 blue silk faille evening gown with silver tinsel embroidery by Callot Soeurs
*c. 1915 white cotton corset
c. 1917-18 white muslin dress, coll. of Nancy Bradfield. p. 349.
c. 1918 bone silk faille day dress

28.5″ (72.4cm)

1760-1775, brown wool stays, CW 1993-336
c. 1785-95, cream figured silk anglaise, CW 2019-61
c. 1847 blue/red/cream striped printed wool day dress
c. 1870 lavish blue silk dot day dress
c. 1880s-90s, brown velvet bodice, IMATEX 15203 <image>
c. 1894 red silk moire & black lace dinner dress (bodice; skirt is 31.5″ & an older bodice is 27″)
c. 1895 chartreuse velvet & ecru lace over black satin evening dress
* 1898-1900 ivory & beige silk satin day dress, IMA 50.42A-B
*c. 1898 black cotton jacquard day bodice
c. 1903 grey/white checked silk dress
c. 1905, cream wool with ecru lace day dress by Rouff, IBC 13
1914, green/gold silk brocade evening gown, UK NT 1349382 (info from Bradfield, p. 347)

28″ (71cm)

c. 1520 green silk damask gown
c. 1745 ivory brocaded silk taffeta anglaise (probably; 24″ gown has open front), CW 1953-854
1750-60 ivory brocaded floral silk jacket
1750-70 ivory silk damask anglaise (open front; dress is 22″ with large stomacher gap), IBC 47a,b
Mid 18th century green wool stays, PMA 1903-135
c. 1765-75, white cotton chintz française, CW 1954-67,1 & 1954-67,2  (matching petticoat)
c. 1770, painted ivory silk française, CW 1993-330,B (28.25″)
c. 1770, ivory chintz anglaise, IBC 117a,b
c. 1770 cream striped & floral française, Helen Larson lot 25
c. 1775 orange/blue changeant silk italian gown, UK NT 1348722.1 (Info Bradfield p. 59)
1770-85, pink silk lustring italian? gown, CW 1983-233
c. 1770/1785, blue and white chintz round gown, HNE 1998.5875
c. 1780 green wool stays, IBC 476
1820s white cotton stays
c. 1828 gray ribbed silk with moire check day dress, Larson lot 135
c. 1842 blue/white striped changeant silk dress (both day and evening) (skirt; bodice is 26″, but clearly is meant to go over the skirt)
c. 1845 claret silk day dress
*c. 1845 champagne striped silk day dress with pink accents
c. 1848 green/purple roller print challis day dress
c. 1860 blue/purple changeant silk taffeta day dress
c. 1850s (skirt altered in-period; bodice is 23″)
c. 1850s lace jacket
c. 1853 brown plaid day dress
c. 1855 blue plaid bodice
c. 1855 brown striped day dress
c. 1859 brown silk day dress with gold brocading
c. 1860 petticoat
c. 1860 plaid silk dress
c. 1860 white mull skirt with embroidery (right)
c. 1860 white organdy day dress with beetle wing embroidery
c. 1860 white linen lawn day dress with purple ribbons
c. 1860 lilac silk embroidered evening dress, Larson lot 220
c. 1863 green silk evening dress with black velvet ribbonwork
c. 1863 green & tan striped silk day dress, IBC 683
c. 1865 taupe silk day dress with gold fringe
c. 1865 caramel silk faille day dress with red velvet trim
*c. 1865 blue plaid bell-sleeve bodice
c. 1866 lilac/olive shot silk taffeta day dress, Larson lot 221
c. 1867 apricot wool/cotton day dress
c. 1870s?? white cotton day dress
c. 1870? blue silk day & evening dress (remade from 1840s)
c. 1870 plaid wool bodice
c. 1870 orange paisley wool and black velvet wrapper
1875-99 corset, DAR 2008.47
c. 1876 navy blue silk faille walking ensemble
c. 1878 black silk and ivory lace dinner gown
c. 1879 blue velvet and aqua silk trained gown
c. 1879 floral silk trained gown
c. 1880 ivory silk reception gown
c. 1880 lavender and tan gown
*c. 1880 white and red printed cotton day dress
c. 1880 dark green windowpane silk dress (for a young girl)
c. 1880 brown silk day bodice
c. 1881 pink brocaded silk reception gown
c. 1883 brown silk day dress
c. 1885 blue silk and velvet day dress
*c. 1885 black patterned day bodice
c. 1885 black lace and velvet reception gown
c. 1885 brown patterned silk day dress
c. 1885 black velvet trained gown
c. 1887 lime green silk & striped mustard/white silk evening dress
c. 1890 lilac silk dinner dress
c. 1890 rust/green changeante silk faille dinner dress (bodice; skirt is 29″)
c. 1890 white Ferris corset

c. 1890 brown silk dress with petersham
c. 1890 beige wool and ivory silk heavily beaded day dress, Larson 396
1890s teal silk velvet evening gown by Maison Worth
*c. 1890 indigo cotton print simple day dress
c. 1890-92 blue silk faille and velvet dinner bodice, IBC 120
c. 1894 black silk satin and lace bodice (bodice with puffed sleeves)
c. 1895 red velvet & black silk & ivory lace evening bodice
c. 1895 white cotton corset
1895 emerald green silk day dress
c. 1896 green striped floral silk day dress (bodice; skirt is 32″)
c. 1896 blue day dress w/ gold print (II) (bodice; skirt is 30″)
c. 1896 black/pink striped silk day dress
1897 champagne figured silk & chartreuse velvet evening gown
1898 sage green & black silk net evening gown by Raudnitz et Cie
c. 1898 beige cotton and brown velvet visiting dress
c. 1899 bathing suit bloomers (upper dress is 29″)
c. 1899 taupe silk day dress
*c. 1899 black/white print cotton wrapper
*c. 1899 black and purple silk dinner dress
c. 1900 gray silk skirt
c. 1900 midnight blue velvet & black satin bodice
c. 1900 black silk satin/velvet evening gown by Rouff
c. 1900 maternity? corset with seven sets of lacing
c. 1901 tan silk and lace dinner dress
c. 1902 black & purple silk dinner dress
c. 1903 black day dress, IMATEX 15108 <image>
*c. 1904 cream battenberg lace and china silk waist
c. 1905 ecru lace shirtwaist (second)
c. 1905 white cotton day dress with insertion lace (has elastic, and could stretch to 33.5″)
c. 1905 ivory china silk & Valenciennes lace tea gown (left)
c. 1905 ivory linen cutwork walking suit
c. 1905 Battenburg lace dress
c. 1905 white net skirt with delicate tambour appliqué and flounce
c. 1905 lilac silk tea gown
c. 1905 ecru crochet & cotton lawn tea gown
c. 1905 cream linen & broderie anglaise tea gown, Larson 452
1905-8 purple wool walking suit
c. 1906 ecru muslin with printed green stripes (girl’s dress)
*c. 1906 ecru silk and lace waist
c. 1908 blue/white striped afternoon dress with lace
c. 1908 purple silk taffeta day dress
c. 1908 cream corset with pink brocaded flowers
c. 1908 black velveteen tea gown
c. 1908 faux irish crochet lace lingerie gown (left dress)
c. 1908 foliate embroidered cream wool afternoon dress (second)
c. 1908 white cutwork linen walking suit, Larson 465
c. 1908 cream Battenburg lace tea gown, Larson 526
c. 1909 white linen tea dress with polka dot embroidery, Larson 459 (right)
*c. 1909 white cotton sporting skirt
c. 1910 shirtwaist
c. 1910? ivory china silk tea gown (second dress)
*c. 1910 white and beige cotton and lace lingerie gown
c. 1910 white linen summer set 
c. 1910 tape lace skirt
*c. 1910 green printed silk bodice with black lace
c. 1911 rose print vole evening dress
*c. 1911 white cotton and lace afternoon dress
c. 1911 cream linen day ensemble with cluny lace bands, Larson 466
c. 1912, pale green tweed suit, IBC 113a,b
c. 1912 Irish lace lingerie dress
*c. 1912 black and white printed cotton simple day dress
c. 1912 black beaded evening gown
*c. 1912 black taffeta day dress
c. 1912 deep blue satin & chiffon evening gown
c. 1912 pink devoré velvet evening gown
c. 1912 ivory silk, gold lame, & floral chiffon evening dress ( #5454)
c. 1913 white Irish & Valenciennes lace tea gown
c. 1914 midnight blue velvet & cream lace evening dress
c. 1914 navy chiffon & purple velvet evening dress
c. 1915 brown silk satin day dress
c. 1915 blue silk satin & lace evening dress
c. 1915 net lace & cream satin lingerie dress (first)
c. 1915 embroidered tea gown with lace
c. 1915 lace and cotton lawn tea gown
c. 1915 white linen walking suit
c. 1915-18, black silk satin and point d’esprit bobbinet evening dress, IBC 68
c. 1915 pink cotton corset
c. 1916 black velvet suit with pops of color and soutache, Larson 475
c. 1917 black printed silk day dress

27.5″ (70cm)

1730-45, green silk brocade bodice, CW 1990-16,2 (open gown, would actually be worn a few inches larger)
c. 1750, pink silk satin quilted petticoat, CW 2014-175,A&B
c. 1750, ivory brocaded silk anglaise, CW 1989-427
1780-95, deep blue silk damask anglaise with white vandyking, CW 1960-713,A
c. 1785 peach-pink brocaded silk italian gown, HD F.078
c. 1790, light blue brocaded silk italian? gown, PMA 1955-78-2
1830-33 purple satin evening overdress, UK NT 1349147.2 (Info from Bradfield p. 152)
c. 1850s cotton organdy over-petticoat (right)
c. 1860-65 pink/white striped evening dress with ecru & black lace
c. 1865 green silk day dress and jacket
c. 1862 striped light/dark purple wool day dress
1863, black/brown/green figured silk day dress, DAR 73.127.1 <image>
c. 1874 royal purple silk faille reception dress
c. 1878 jade green brocaded silk reception gown
c. 1878 cream corded corset
1878-82, black silk satin embroidered dinner dress, MoL 38.295
c. 1880 black silk faille & velvet dinner gown
c. 1880 white beige faille and gold silk velvet trained day dress
c. 1882 navy blue velvet day dress
c. 1885 burgundy silk taffeta & velvet day dress
1880s-90s, cream silk day bodice, IMATEX 7532 <image>
1880s-90s black brocaded silk satin day bodice
c. 1889 ice-blue silk satin evening dress
c. 1895 brown silk dress
c. 1900 black satin & velvet ball gown by Worth
c. 1905 Battenburg lace tea gown (typo in listing)
c. 1909 heavily beaded cream silk satin evening gown
c. 1910 cream silk corset
*c. 1910 green silk satin and black and gold net evening gown
c. 1910 cream & pink corset
c. 1912 grey linen longline corset
*c. 1912 lilac printed china silk day dress
*c. 1914 maroon wool & black velvet day ensemble (bodice let out to 34″ waist)

27″ (68.5cm)

c. 1750, dark green brocaded silk anglaise?, CW 1990-16,1


Open robe, c. 1790, with a 27.5″ waist. PMA 1955-78-2.

c. 1770, ivory brocaded silk française, CW 1990-12,1
c. 1770s, black embroidered silk satin anglaise, CW 1991-474,A
c. 1770 cream brocaded satin anglaise
c. 1770s white muslin & silver embroidered court gown
c. 1770s, orange/gold damasked silk anglaise, CW 1985-143,1
c. 1770-80, pink chiné anglaise, CW 1983-229
c. 1775, green/white striped silk française, PMA 1981-9-2a,b
1775-85, ivory chintz short anglaise, CW 1953-736 (approx.)
c. 1790 ivory & red chintz jacket & petticoat, CW 1990-10,1
1799, beige silk satin gown, PMA 1971-68-1
18th/19th c. green/red striped wool skirt
c. 1825 white cotton stays
*c. 1830 tan cotton dress with floral print for teen
c. 1845 brown/blue changeant silk day dress
c. 1845 blue/brown/white wildly printed cotton dress
Mid-victorian quilted petticoat (27.25″, technically)
c. 1850 purple silk day dress
1851-54, cream printed wool day dress, UK NT 1349134 (info from Bradfield, p.190)
1852-60, green/cream plaid silk day dress, DAR 2009.19.3 ** <image>
c. 1855, green/brown/black/white plaid silk day dress, IBC 30
c. 1855-60 tan silk blend day dress, (early-on maternity dress? waistline is tilted)
1856-57 lilac silk bodice in collection of Nancy Bradfield, p. 206.
c. 1858, grey figured silk taffeta day dress à la disposition, PMA 1948-74-1a–c
c. 1858 blue silk evening bodice
c. 1858 white floral printed silk evening gown
*c. 1859 green/black plaid silk day dress
1860-66, cream/brown striped cotton day dress, DAR 2010.14.1 <image>
1861-3 gray silk satin skirt printed with purple and green flowers, MoL 58.7/3b
1864 wedding bodice, cream silk (26.75″)
1864-67 red flannel crinoline, coll. Nancy Bradfield (p. 201)
1866 purple-gray pinstripe visiting dress with black velvet trim
*c. 1868 bright blue silk robe à la transformation (skirt waist size), MCNY deaccession
*c. 1868 brown silk moire ensemble, MCNY deaccession
c. 1870 ivory silk satin reception dress with satin stripe organdy layer
c. 1870 brown silk taffeta day dress
c. 1870 garnet polonaise visiting dress
* c. 1870 tan and bright blue worsted wool wrapper, IMA 2007.72
c. 1871 sheer white cotton summer dress with purple bows
c. 1871 red/green tartan silk taffeta day dress
c. 1873 sheer white cotton lingerie dress
c. 1875 light blue printed cotton dress
c. 1875 copper/brown striped silk day dress
c. 1877 wacky purple velvet and silk reception dress
c. 1877 black velvet tailed bodice with acorn trim
1875-80, red satin and white striped dinner dress, UK NT 1349161 (info from Bradfield, p. 238)
*c. 1880 girl’s day dress in brown and gold silk
c. 1880 bronze faille and gray silk trained day dress
c. 1880 black textured silk day dress
c. 1880 green brocaded silk day dress (trained)
c. 1885 bright purple silk dinner dress with violet velvet accents
c. 1885 bronze velvet day dress
c. 1888 checked wool and teal silk day dress
* c.1888 emerald green velvet and silver lamé moiré silk Russian court gown by Worth, IMA 2006.3A-C
c. 1889 black silk velvet bodice
c. 1890 bronze figured silk trained reception gown
c. 1889 yellow silk satin evening dress with tulle overlay (former MMA gown)
*c. 1892 light pink silk day dress with navy velveteen portions
c. 1893 yellow velvet and ivory figured silk faille evening gown
c. 1894 pink satin and pale pink brocade evening dress (left)
c. 1895, black silk day dress, IMATEX 11913 <image>
c. 1895 pale pink long corset
1895 wool tweed outing dress
c. 1898 (bodice; skirt is 30″)
*c. 1900 white cotton and black trim & lace day dress, MCHC 290
c. 1902 white cotton lawn day dress with blue embroidery (#6305)
c. 1903 purple velvet & challis day dress
c. 1903 starry organza over mint green silk evening gown
c. 1903 embossed gray silk dress
c. 1903 camel wool & ice-blue satin day dress
c. 1903 lace tea gown
*c. 1903 navy blue printed silk day dress
c. 1904 Valenciennes lace tea gown
c. 1904 black lace, tulle, velvet, sequined evening dress by Walter
c. 1905 black lace shirtwaist
c. 1905, pale blue cotton day dress with lace, IBC 99a,b
c. 1905 cream silk satin & lace wedding dress, IBC 64
c. 1905 white cotton eyelet entredeux tea gown
c. 1905 cream guipure lace overgown
c. 1908 gray silk day dress with lavender soutache
c. 1908 red silk & lace collared day bodice
c. 1908 white linen summer dress with lace insertion (right)
*c. 1908 sage green day dress for teen
1908-15 ice blue silk satin with sequinned net overlay evening dress by Marie Lamy, IBC 124
c. 1910 black wool walking dress with red trim (skirt 29.5″), IMATEX 11467 <image>
c. 1910 Irish crochet tea gown
c. 1910 Irish crochet trained skirt
c. 1910 Battenburg lace tea gown
c. 1911-12 black beaded net evening gown
c. 1912 brown/beige wool split skirt
* c. 1912 ivory silk & mohair afternoon dress, IMA 75.425
c. 1912 irish crochet tea gown
c. 1915 black cotton sheer day dress
c. 1915 white embroidered corset
*c. 1915 black silk evening dress with sequining, beading, chiffon, etc, MCHC 158
1916, beige silk georgette afternoon dress, PMA 1964-81-10

26.5″ (67cm)

1743-50 gold brocaded silk robe à la anglaise, Museum of London A7567
c. 1765-1780 pink striped taffeta robe à la française, PMA 1981-9-3a,b
c. 1770, ivory floral silk brocaded petticoat, CW 1989-330,2
c. 1845 gold silk damask evening dress
c. 1848 brown striped fan-front silk gown
*c. 1854 black and green plaid silk satin day dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1860 black silk day bodice
c. 1860 robin’s-egg blue silk taffeta evening dress (remade from 1840s?)
*c. 1860 brown plaid silk taffeta day dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1862, brown silk dress with stripe pattern, IBC 679a,b
1865-66, UK NT 1349136 (info from Bradfield p. 217)
*c. 1868 grey silk dinner dress, MCNY deaccession
1868-70, tan silk day dress with black lace trim, DAR 98.5.A <image>
c. 1870, black silk taffeta day dress, IBC 103
1870 navy silk taffeta polonaise wedding dress (however, style is 1877 or later and it doesn’t look to have been redone…)
c. 1872 multicolor printed silk gauze polonaise bodice
*c. 1883 gold silk satin trained ensemble (possibly wedding dress)
c. 1889 burgundy satin day dress
c. 1889 black velvet & jet trained dinner dress
1890, silk and net wedding dress, coll. of Nora Hawker. Bradfield, p. 261.
c. 1890 yellow and red satin corset
*c. 1891 indigo and white printed calico simple day dress
1893 maroon silk faille wedding dress, IBC 2001.1a,b
c. 1894 rust satin & gold velvet day dress (bodice; skirt is 27″)
*c. 1898 black figured cotton wrapper
*c. 1899 black & blush pink silk day bodice with sequins
c. 1903 taupe wool flannel soutache & cutwork day dress (#6766)
c. 1908 blue gingham day dress
c. 1908 cream & pink corset
c. 1910 embroidered pink cotton petticoat
c. 1912 embroidered ecru cotton lawn afternoon dress
c. 1912 cream filet lace lingerie dress with tassels (left)

26″ (66cm)

c. 1725-1750 blue wool stays, PMA 1903-136
c. 1750 plum silk stays
c. 1750 brown silk stays (lacking stomacher – final waist probably larger than 26″)
1760-70, blue-green silk damask anglaise, CW 1960-714,1 (approx.; gown has open front)
c. 1770, red silk française, CW 1985-116,1
c. 1770 ivory brocaded silk taffeta petticoat, CW 1952-459,2
1770-1778, pink plaid anglaise? DAR 2013.20.A (possibly a teenager’s gown) <image>
c. 1775 striped cream/pink taffeta italian gown
c. 1775-1780s, blue/white striped cotton anglaise, PMA 1959-113-1
c. 1775-1799 white linen stays
c. 1780, embroidered white cotton jacket & petticoat, CW 1991-466,A&B
1780s? figured silk pierrot jacket
c. 1785 cream chintz Italian-style open robe
1770s-90s (when altered) ivory brocaded silk italian gown, PMA 1933-12-1

1825-34, bronze silk day dress, DAR 82.138.15 <image>
1830-35, paisley printed day dress, DAR 76.94 <image>
c. 1837 gray silk day dress
c. 1838 cream wool day dress with boteh print (originally MMA C.I.38.23.4a, b)
c. 1838 ice blue figured silk evening dress
c. 1840 ivory silk gown
c. 1840-45 gold & black pinstripe day dress
c. 1842 cream cotton & floral print mull day dress for a young woman
c. 1845 red plaid cotton day dress
c. 1845 ivory silk satin evening dress, Larson lot 143
c. 1845 white cotton day dress with blue/gray/red floral print
c. 1845 white muslin summer dress
c. 1845 gold figured silk day dress
c. 1845 painted ivory silk evening dress
*c. 1845 wine silk fan-front day dress
c. 1848 colorful plaid printed cotton day dress
1848-52 orange & purple plaid silk taffeta day dress
c. 1850 sheer cream & brown silk day dress, OSV 26.33.227
c. 1850 green/blue/red plaid wool day dress, Larson lot 215
c. 1850 pink plaid taffeta and black velvet evening dress
c. 1850 ivory satin evening dress
c. 1850 blue gauze & brocaded silk bodice; quilted silk satin skirt – evening dress
c. 1852 brown plaid silk/wool day dress
1850-55, black/blue plaid silk day dress with bronze trim, DAR 2006.20 <image>
c. 1850s cotton organdy petticoat (right)
c. 1850s-60s (remade) blue & tan striped silk taffeta day dress
c. 1855 beige corset with 3 prong busk
c. 1855 red and cream striped cotton evening dress, IBC 116
c. 1855 purple and green roller print cotton day dress
c. 1856 purple/white printed voile à la disposition day dress
c. 1856 cobalt blue day dress
c. 1858 green/black plaid day dress
c. 1858 white linen day dress, Centraal Museum 5013/001-002
1860s bronze & orange striped silk day dress (remade from 1840s)
c. 1860 copper satin stripe silk day dress
* c. 1860 grey/brown/blue brocaded silk day dress, IMA 2007.73 (possibly originally 1840s?)
c. 1863 sheer white striped floral cotton day dress, Larson 217 (WiF)
c. 1864 brown windowpane silk day dress
1864 blue windowpane silk wedding dress
c. 1865 bronze/black plaid day dress
*c. 1865 black/white gingham simple (work?) day dress
*c. 1865 brown and light green plaid silk day dress
c. 1865 brown/white pinstripe cotton day dress
c. 1865 bronze/black figured silk day dress
c. 1865 rust/brown plaid silk day dress
c. 1865 sheer grey and white striped summer dress
c. 1866 black silk day dress with velvet trim
c. 1866 taupe silk day dress with blue satin trim
c. 1866 gray and white striped muslin day dress (sheer)
c. 1867 lilac windowpane silk day dress
c. 1867 purple/pink striped cotton & challis day dress
c. 1867 blue/green ribbed changeante silk day dress, CW 1998-236
c. 1867 black taffeta day dress with polychrome embroidery, Larson 222
c. 1868 lilac silk wedding dress
* c. 1868 gold/brown/silver patterned silk day dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1868 pink silk taffeta & satin stripe evening dress
c. 1868 white muslin day dress with blue-green print, UK NT 1349125.1 (info from Bradfield, p. 222)
c. 1869 green and gold silk taffeta day dress
c. 1870, white silk wedding dress and crinolette. Coll. Mrs. M. J. King. Bradfield, 225.
c. 1870 riding habit
c. 1870 blue-black velvet afternoon dress
c. 1870 brown silk day dress
c. 1870 rust silk moire day dress
c. 1872 (possibly for a pre-teen or teenager)
c. 1872 purple/pink striped changeante silk dress with black velvet trim
c. 1872 black silk mourning dress by C.F. Worth
c. 1873 ivory embroidered organdy afternoon dress
c. 1873 caramel silk reception ensemble
c. 1875 olive green silk day dress
c. 1875 (dress made c. 1855, altered) ivory taffeta brocaded day dress
c. 1875 beige lace ensemble lined in black silk
c. 1875 bronze silk taffeta day ensemble
1876 cotton patriotic print day dress for the Centennial
*c. 1876 extravagant taupe reception skirt with embroidery and swags
c. 1877  blue and tan plaid cotton bodice
c. 1877 brown silk faille day dress
c. 1877, light gray silk faille with blue trim day dress, IBC 114a,b,c,d
c. 1878 black and white patterned polonaise day dress (bodice 28″)
c. 1878 tan linen polonaise day dress
1878 black silk & velvet dinner dress
c. 1880 purple silk faille afternoon dress with lighter accents
c. 1880 black velvet reception dress with military details
c. 1880 purple velvet and gold lamé trained dinner gown
c. 1880 brown silk & woolen traveling dress
c. 1880 cream silk evening/presentation gown (bodice waist 32″…)
* c. 1880 black silk day dress, IMA 1992.149
c. 1883 champagne silk satin reception gown
*c. 1883 red silk and velvet bustle skirt
c. 1883 purple wool & black velvet day dress (left)
c. 1883 rust velvet and blush silk satin dinner gown, Larson 390
c. 1884 natural-colored linen day dress
c. 1885 18thc fancy dress costume, Larson 392
c. 1886 black silk faille day dress with velvet accents
c. 1889  blue wool & velvet day bodice
c. 1889 black velvet w white polka dots & cream satin inset evening bodice
c. 1890 pale blue cotton corset
c. 1891 red floral printed wool day bodice with jet beading
c. 1892, red silk velvet evening bodice, IMATEX 11497 <image>
*c. 1892 green/cream figured silk (with leaves!) striped day dress
*c. 1892 bright blue and black wrapper
c. 1893 cream silk satin brocaded with red roses, lace, dinner dress, Larson 402
*c. 1893 black silk tea gown with Watteau back
*c. 1894 black wool/silk day bodice
* c. 1895 black printed silk day dress, IMA 1988.56A-C
c. 1895 ivory satin and olive velvet evening dress, Larson 404
c. 1895 cream wool day dress (skirt; bodice is 29″)
c. 1896 red velvet & bronze silk Art Nouveau dinner ensemble
c. 1897 silver figured silk bodice
c. 1897 yellow moire and white satin evening gown, Larson 405 (WiF)
c. 1898 cream embroidered silk satin evening gown by Worth
c. 1898 cream silk satin evening gown with rhinestones & sequins by Gustave Beer
c. 1899 sage green day dress with lace (bodice; skirt is 28″)
*c. 1899 black silk faille day bodice
c. 1900 black satin corset with cream flossing
c. 1900 black net and taffeta evening gown with blue and silver sequining, Larson 456
*c. 1900 black/white printed cotton uniform (?) dress
*c. 1900-1905 black and red silk satin and net dinner dress, MCHC 338
c. 1901 black tulle & silk day/evening gown with cream lace applique & sequins, Larson 453
c. 1902 cream silk & black lace dinner gown
c. 1902 white/black/green printed silk afternoon dress


A late 1880s gown with a 25.5″ waist. PMA 2011-117-1a–f.

c. 1903 blue floral silk day dress
*c. 1903 navy/burgundy changeante velveteen shirtwaist
*c. 1903 dusky pink silk moiré day bodice
c. 1903 ecru Irish crochet blouse
c. 1904 black lace bodice (first)
c. 1904 lavender chiffon evening dress w cream satin trim (originally 23-24″)
c. 1904 lace skirt
*c. 1904 white linen shirtwaist
c. 1905 torchon & tape lace skirt (left)
c. 1905 Battenburg lace skirt (right)
c. 1905 black net & sequin evening gown
c. 1905 black sequin & ecru lace reception gown
c. 1905 white Battenburg lace skirt (left)
*c. 1905 black cotton day dress
*c. 1905 whitework cotton lingerie dress
c. 1906 ecru lace bodice trimmed in olive velvet
*c. 1906 cream lace tea gown w pink modern underlay
c. 1906 blue chiffon & lace tea gown
c. 1907 brown silk day dress with fringe
c. 1907 white lace & cotton afternoon dress
c. 1907 white cotton tea gown with cutwork, embroidery, and lace, Larson 455
1908, cotton organdy & Valenciennes tea gown, PMA 1966-163-2
c. 1908 pink silk satin evening gown
c. 1908 white tea gown
c. 1908 green satin and black net evening gown
c. 1908 black silk gauze & lilac satin evening gown
c. 1908 white cotton voile & insertion lace tea gown, Larson 457
*c. 1908 red-brown silk day dress with cream net sleeves
c. 1909 cream bodice with heavy multicolored trim
c. 1909 white embroidered muslin tea gown (second)
1909 cream silk satin wedding dress
*c. 1909 ivory silk and ecru lace evening dress
1910, ecru chiffon & satin evening dress by Agnes, PMA 1956-106-16
c. 1910 shirtwaist (first)
* c. 1910 black silk afternoon dress, IMA 1992.148
c. 1910 ivory satin & green velvet dinner gown by J. P. Worth
c. 1910 white lawn tea dress with embroidery (right)
c. 1910 cream silk tea dress with entredeux
c. 1912 ecru muslin embroidered tea dress with high collar
1912 candlelight satin & Brussels lace wedding dress
c. 1912 pink chambray day dress
c. 1912 white cotton net & lace tea gown
c. 1912 cream lace tea gown (second)
*c. 1913 white cotton corset cover
* c. 1914 brown silk velvet & gold lace evening dress, IMA 76.285
c. 1915 yellow cotton lawn day dress
1916, PMA 1962-190-1
c. 1916 ivory figured silk satin dinner dress by Lucile, Larson 479

25.5″ (64.5cm)

1756, cream silk satin anglaise, CW 1985-117,1 (actually 25.75″. Unsure if this amount includes stomacher)
1780-1790 brown linen stays, IBC 475
1826-28, buff cotton riding habit, MoL 33.5/2
1825-30, red printed cotton day dress, UK NT 1349124 (info from Bradfield p.136)
c. 1837 cotton & velvet printed silk dress
c. 1845 green and red roller printed day dress
c. 1845 champagne brocaded silk faille evening dress
* c. 1850 figured silk gauze evening gown, MCNY deaccession
*c. 1855 pink and black silk taffeta day dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1858 blue/copper shot silk day dress, IBC 27
*c. 1865 black silk day dress with black velvet trim
c. 1867 green moiré reception gown
*c. 1867-8 gold silk moirë dinner dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1868 grey faille reception gown with purple silk trim
c. 1870 sage green silk afternoon dress, IBC 29a,b
c. 1876 eggplant silk satin dinner dress with floral brocade, PMA 2011-117-1a–f
c. 1876 paisley printed sheer ivory dress
1880-82, white cotton day dress, coll. Nora Hawker. Bradfield, 243.
c. 1880 copper-brown silk day dress
* c. 1885 black silk faille day dress, IMA 75.414A-B
*c. 1887 cream lace and silk satin ensemble (possibly wedding dress), Mme. Craignac
c. 1888, cream silk satin wedding dress, PMA 1968-98-1a–c
*c. 1898 Marie Robel mint green silk day dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1900 corset cover
c. 1904 black satin and sequined net evening gown
1904-7 corset, coll. of Nora Hawker. Bradfield, 324.
c. 1905 blue, gray, and white chiné evening gown (skirt 28.5″)
1907, white lace tea dress, DAR 99.8.1 <image>
c. 1910 white Kabo corset
*c. 1910 white cotton dress for teen or young girl
c. 1917 white hand-embroidered lingerie dress (middle)
* c. 1918 blue silk satin & netting evening gown, IMA 76.287

25″ (63.5cm)


c. 1875 gown with a 25″ waist, PMA 1996-19-6a–c.

c. 1615 gold silk atlas with metallic embroidery court dress, SKD i.0045.01
c. 1760-65 blue brocaded silk robe à la française, PMA 1955-98-6a,b
1770 cream silk taffeta robe à la anglaise, UK NT 1348718 (info from Bradfield p.52)
c. 1780 striped pink silk taffeta italian gown
c. 1780-89 cream silk lustring ?robe á la anglaise?, CW 1960-719,1 & 1960-719,2 (+ petticoat)
1783 cream floral silk satin ?Italian gown?, PMA 1933-62-1a,b
1828-30 sheer yellow chiffon evening gown, UK NT 1349148.1 (info from Bradfield p.147)
c. 1830 white & blue plaid silk day dress
c. 1830s? black silk quilted petticoat
c. 1833 green silk velvet evening dress
1837 cream silk satin gown with brocaded florals, PMA 1962-93-5
c. 1837 pale gold silk afternoon gown
1837-41, olive green silk taffeta day dress, DAR 76.104 <image>
c. 1840 pale green silk damask evening gown, OSV 26.33.231a-b
c. 1840-45 cobalt blue evening bodice (original bodice; 1890s jacket is 29″)
1841-43 cream wool/silk evening gown with green trim, UK NT 1349131.1 (info from Bradfield p.175
1843 brown silk day dress,  OSV 26.33.202
1844 cream satin wedding dress
1845-1850, cream printed cotton day dress, DAR 2009.19.1.A ** <image>
c. 1848 cream printed silk dress
*c. 1848 champagne striped silk day dress
c. 1848 cream organdy summer dress
c. 1848 green/red/yellow plaid cotton print day dress
*c. 1850 brown windowpane silk taffeta day dress, MCNY deaccession
*c. 1850 yellow silk evening gown, MCNY deaccession
c. 1850s cotton whitework corset cover
c. 1855 printed wool barege day dress á la disposition, IBC 682
* c. 1855 pink printed cotton day dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1855-58 green silk and black velvet evening dress, IMATEX 12226 (skirt; bodice is 26″) <image>
*c. 1855-60 royal blue silk moiré visiting dress with black trim, MCHC 267
c. 1857 brown/ivory plaid floral silk taffeta day dress
* c. 1860 red printed wool challis day dress, IMA 1994.150A-B
c. 1862 polychrome plaid/floral silk ballgown bodice
c. 1863, red/yellow/green printed wool day dress, PMA 1978-110-25 (25.25″, technically)
c. 1864 garnet silk trained reception gown
c. 1865 black and purple silk day dress
*c. 1865 green and silver silk day dress, MCNY deaccession
1866-68, PMA 1996-19-1a–c (day bodice; evening is 23.5″ and skirt is 26.75″)
1870 ice blue taffeta reception ensemble
c. 1871 brown silk day dress
1872 wedding dress
c. 1873 brown silk dress
c. 1874 brown silk dress with gold accents (bodice; skirt is 28″)
1875 olive green silk faille dress with red and green accents, PMA 1996-19-6a–c
c. 1875 burgundy silk taffeta & gold/black striped dinner gown (skirt 25.25″, bodice 25.75″)
c. 1875 purple/black striped silk gown
c. 1876 taupe silk day dress with fringe
c. 1879 cream silk princess line wedding gown <image>
c. 1879 white cotton morning dress
1880, brown and green printed silk satin day dress, PMA 1963-94-1a,b
c. 1880 amber silk taffeta day dress, IBC 105a,b
c. 1880 red corset
c. 1880s (bodice 25.25″, skirt 26″)
c. 1880s cream cotton corset (64cm)
c. 1882 light gold silk satin reception gown
*c. 1882 red/black plaid silk day dress, MCNY deaccession
c. 1883 embroidered copper faille day dress
c. 1883 ivory silk satin wedding ensemble by M.A. Connelly (#5877)
c. 1885 red velvet beaded evening bodice, Raudnitz et Cie
c. 1885 brown silk day dress
*c. 1885 navy blue velvet day dress, MCHC 135
c. 1886 ecru crochet over purple silk day dress (bodice; skirt is 26″)
c. 1888 light velvet and satin court gown by C.F. Worth
c. 1888 cocoa figured silk dinner gown
c. 1889 pale gold satin dinner dress by Madam Ashe
1889-91, brown silk & cream silk satin dinner dress,  PMA 2004-20-1a–c
c. 1890 tan day dress with pink satin and lace trim
c. 1895 cream silk corset
*c. 1895 black satin, green velvet, and bright yellow satin dinner dress, MCHC 284
c. 1897 bodice with jet (skirt is 26″)
c. 1897 blue & cream striped day dress with interesting sleeves
c. 1898, grey silk faille and brown velvet day bodice
c. 1899 plum silk day dress
c. 1900 ivory silk satin evening dress
c. 1900 ivory silk satin & cream silk velvet wedding? dress (skirt; bodice is 27″)
c. 1900 ecru underbust corset
c. 1900 apricot silk satin corset
c. 1900 midnight blue velvet & ecru lace bodice by Callot Sœurs
c. 1900 black wool & cream silk bodice with embroidery
c. 1900 cream silk and turquoise velvet evening gown, Larson 400
c. 1902 black lace and pink taffeta afternoon dress
c. 1902 light blue cotton afternoon dress
*c. 1902 black bodice
c. 1903 cream cotton and lace afternoon dress
c. 1904 cream longline corset
c. 1904 green chiffon tea gown by Paquin
c. 1905 cream dotted coutil corset
c. 1905 pale blue silk & cream lace afternoon dress
c. 1905 ivory linen & lace afternoon dress
c. 1905 embroidered cotton batiste afternoon dress
c. 1905 white lawn tea gown with embroidery and flounces (left)
*c. 1905 white cotton insert lace blouse with stars
c. 1906 Battenburg & Valenciennes lace afternoon dress
c. 1906 pale pink printed silk & ecru chiffon evening dress with peach velvet accents
c. 1906 gray wool walking dress with velvet trim (#11138)
1907 wedding dress, IBC 2019.2a,b
1908, brown wool flannel & black silk satin walking suit, PMA 1964-81-6a,b
* c. 1908 ivory cotton & lace afternoon dress, IMA 1985.449
c. 1908 cream silk chiffon, taffeta, and lace tea gown
c. 1908 copper silk taffeta day dress
c. 1908 greige longline corset
c. 1910 white cotton longline summer corset
* c. 1910 white cotton afternoon dress, IMA 74.327
c. 1910 princess line cotton lawn and lace afternoon dress
c. 1910 white linen cutwork  walking suit
c. 1910 white day ensemble with insertion lace, Larson 472
c. 1910 cream silk longline corset
c. 1910 princess line lace wedding dress
c. 1911 black silk afternoon dress
c. 1912 ivory printed linen house dress
*c. 1912 white cotton and lace bodice
*c. 1912 cream lace afternoon dress
c. 1914 cream lace evening dress with peach satin underlay (might actually be 27″)
*c. 1915 ecru silk chiffon afternoon dress


** All worn by the same woman! Marcia Maria Fuller, b. 1829; one pre-marriage, one the wedding dress; and one post-children.

BradfieldCiD: Nancy Bradfield’s book Costume in Detail. 
Colonial Williamsburg, VA, USA. The database is here. Search by accession number.
CHS: Connecticut Historical Society, CN, USA.
DAR: Daughters of the American Revolution Museum, DC, USA. The DAR database is here (advanced search here). I can’t link the entries, but you can search for them yourself by catalog number (which I’ve provided).
FIDM: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
IBC: Irma Bowen Collection, University of New Hampshire, NH, USA. Most of these dresses have provenance, and many are from a single family.
IMA: Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN, USA.
Centre de Documentació i Museu Tèxtil, Spain. Database here. Search by register number. If you load/search the database once, my links should then work.
HNE: Historic New England, MA, USA.
Larson: Refers to the Whitaker Auction sale of Helen Larson’s collection.
MCHC: Maryland Center for History and Culture, MD, USA.
MCNY: Museum of the City of New York, NY, USA. Collections portal here. (It doesn’t work with my computer – unsure why – but others have been able to access the information without trouble.)
MHS: Minnesota Historical Society, MN, USA.
: Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA.
MoL: Museum of London, UK.
OSV: Old Sturbridge Village, MA, USA.
PCSS: Jean Hunnisett’s book Period Costume for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Women’s Dress 1500-1800
PMA: Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA, USA.
PoF: The Patterns of Fashion books series by Janet Arnold, et al.
SKD: Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Germany.
TPT: Te Papa Tongarewa, New Zealand.
WiF: Indicates that the gown was featured in Doris Langley Moore’s book The Woman in Fashion (1949) and that there is an image of it being worn properly on a model through the link.

Other Resources:

Hem Circumferences of Extant Garments

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29 October 2019 – a dozen corsets added
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30 Jan 2021 – MCNY deaccession via Augusta Auctions records added
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17 thoughts on “Extant Garments Waist Measurement Resource (25″/64cm+) (800+ garments!)

  1. Pingback: Hem Circumference Resource | Sewing with Kenna

  2. Thank you! A wonderful range of examples on sizes. Years ago a friend who worked at V&A museum made an comment that resonated. Larger garments were worn, then handed down, perhaps altered to be smaller until the garment wore out. The tiny dresses were put away in the attic, with too little fabric to even remake. Just like today, the sale rack in the department store only has sizes that are too small.


      • By your comment, I assume you have a waist of less than 25″/63cm – in which case, yes, you are a rare size nowadays, but you’re also in the very fortunate position of having a multitude of extant garments that ARE your size. This particular forum isn’t really the right one to be complaining about that! 😉


  3. Interesting. I’m somehow doubting there’d be many extant garments that would fit me (for one, I’m a bit over 5 foot 9, and fro another i’m about 40 inches around the chest), even the ones with large waists. i’m a big strong woman, so I get all my clothes either really loose or custom-made. Really interesting. A good article to fling at “tiny-waists-were-normal” people!


    • You’d be surprised! Not everybody was teeny tiny, obviously, that’s rather the point of the article….but you’re following in the footsteps of your ancestors, getting things custom-tailored. 🙂 (Honestly, I don’t really consider 5’9″ that tall for a woman either, but heights do vary by region. I’m 5’6″, so someone has to be either very skinny or above 5’10” for me to think they’re statuesque…) I’m glad you got something out of it!


  4. Thank You for a very comprehensive list of larger waist size-ed clothing. It really does annoy me when it is taken as gospel that everyone the past had teeney-weeney wasp waists (and then swooned because of tight lacing a corset to get that result). As today, real women used to come in all shapes and sizes.


    • Happy to provide! I’m still working on it, too. Several of the comments have been “See! Women WERE plump back then! And it’s even more impressive because they were all so much shorter!!” – so clearly my next crusade needs to be finding extant garment evidence that women weren’t actually that much shorter, either. Sigh….


  5. You’ve done an excellent survey here, but this will always be a fraught subject, and a large one, with many interesting aspects. Wider context is important in considering these findings. Admittedly there is a difference in every age between what women fashionably aspire to and what is practically achievable. Yet far more effort was put into aspiring to the social and fashionable modes in some periods, beginning with very early childhood. This is just one aspect of the subject.

    Over the years I’ve studied thousands of original antique sewing patterns from the 1860’s to the 1930’s, and my view is that they not only represent (as today) the expected standard size and height of a large proportion of women in the population for which they were developed, but also evidence a changing standard over decades. My research shows for example that the expected waist size in sewing patterns for young women in the 1860’s and 1870’s was around 21″ to 23″, while this measurement increased to between 23″ and 25″ in the 1900-1910’s period, slightly larger in the following few decades, and so on. The concept of “standard” in the commercial pattern industry has been a fluid one, representing not an average of all possible sizes, but the hump of a bell curve, where a large portion of the population is expected to fall. The mid-range, anticipated standard size today is different from what it was in sewing patterns of, say, 1905, and that includes standard height.

    Another important consideration is of course why certain items were preserved. The surviving body of extant garments are not a sampling or deliberate cross-section in the scientific sense, but an accidental accumulation, resulting from any number of reasons or circumstances. A woman may not preserve a dress because it was necessarily typical (or the height) of fashion of its time, but for sentimental reasons. I don’t necessarily agree with some of the arguments about “conservation bias” where size is concerned.

    My view, from both pattern research and personal experience, is that the median height and size of women has indeed changed over the decades (this is distinct from “average” height or size). I believe it may be a more recent “confirmation bias”, especially among younger people, to look for similarities in the past that confirm modern experience. Certainly people of varying sizes and heights have always existed at both ends of the spectrum. Yet the perception of what is “standard” or “ordinary” is a different matter, and is tied to its social setting and time period. For example, my mother, born in 1932, was 5’10” tall, and suffered for feeling she was an awkward giant during her younger years. She would hardly stick out in a North American crowd today.

    A favourite anecdote of mine in this regard concerns the botanist, Joseph Banks, who accompanied Captain Cook’s first, great voyage. It was recorded that Banks, at just over 6 feet in height, could not fit into any of the standard bunks, and in particular the one assigned to his cabin. As a result, he was obliged to sleep in a purpose-made hammock in the Captain’s quarters.

    There are of course also arguments concerning geography, social class and access to decent medical care that are further aspects of this fascinating subject of human size and shape through the ages.


    • Hi Patricia! Thank you for your well-thought-out comments.

      I am going to begin this by stating that I am not out to prove anything with my resource except that larger women did exist. I am stating nothing about averages (except perhaps that an 18 inch waist was not it).

      As I see it, basing average sizes off of sewing patterns is folly – there is no reason to believe that they represented average size. Just look at sewing patterns today, in a time where the ‘Big Three’ pattern companies *do* accommodate for more body fat than in previous decades. I’m not entirely sure how you calculate ‘averages’ from a sewing pattern (feel free to enlighten me!) but I can go ahead and select the median size in the McCall’s chart: it’s between size 14 and 16, which have waist sizes of 28 and 30 inches, respectively. Yet the CDC gives the average US woman’s waist size (age 20+) as 38.7 inches. (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/body-measurements.htm) That measurement is only accommodated by the *second to last* size in the ‘regular’ McCalls size chart.

      I agree with you concerning the fact that extant garments are a (mostly) accidental accumulation. However, certain factors definitely sway the results, and the fact that extremely small and extremely large garments fit a smaller number of people is worthy of consideration, as is the fact that a very large garment can be altered and made smaller, while a small dress cannot easily be made larger. Survival bias is basic logic concerning the secondhand trade and reuse.

      Concerning your argument that height has changed along with size: We have evidence that “medieval English men and women were only about an inch shorter than those measured in 1984” ( http://sirguillaume.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Old_Age-Height-Nutrition.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1VzWndiwzsg1fJ08tGNv1iT1n3YHpi6D_CwewOCfzFvXPW6Aa_HpR037A ) and yet the 1890s Victorians were on average a few inches shorter than Americans/Brits are now (https://ourworldindata.org/human-height#a-century-of-human-height-how-has-adult-height-changed-over-time). Why? Because “there were cycles in height, depending on economic circumstances and agricultural productivity and so forth.” (http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1820836,00.html#ixzz2tJdu48CZ) Your patterns are from the second half of the nineteenth century; even ignoring my notes above, we can’t generalize for any other era without hard evidence.

      Anecdotes are just that – anecdotal, and relevant to a single circumstance. Whether or not the anecdote is true, it does not prove an average or an outlier because we do not have the precise context and all of the influencing factors. A fun story, though!

      I don’t think that anyone would argue that the waist size average *isn’t* much larger today; however, I firmly believe that most of this can be attributed to 1) nutritional and lifestyle differences and 2) certain non-genetic factors, including individuals not being corseted from a young age. Discounting the outlier that is nutritionally-induced morbid obesity, I do not believe that people were *significantly* different in size two or three hundred years ago; evolution takes quite a bit longer to have an effect!

      My goal with this resource is simply to prove that not *every* woman had that amazing 18 inch waist, and provide a resource for costumers and designers to find dresses of the era that they are trying to replicate so that they can see what a dress of that size did originally look like. Perhaps I need to write a real preface, instead of relying upon previously written articles?


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  7. I am, by any definition, tiny. I’m 4’10 with a 25 inch waist measurement uncorseted. Corseted, a 23inch waist is achievable without discomfort. I have a normal, healthy BMI and a not insignificant amount of padding round the middle.

    As I am virtually the same height as one Charlotte Bronte, it’s interesting to see what her actual figure would have been. Her dresses were tiny, but the waist measurements aren’t that remarkable when you consider that she was very petite. An uncorseted waist measurement of 22 inches doesn’t seem outlandish.

    It would be interesting to see the estimated heights the gowns were made for. A 26 inch waist on a 4’10 frame doesn’t look remarkable, but would appear significantly smaller on a woman of 5’10. I would be willing to bet that many of the extant garments with small waist measurements were worn by women who were significantly shorter than average.


    • It’s possible! It is a rare gown that I see that looks truly small, but as you say, it’s all about the proportions. That’s a great research question – I would need data on average dress lengths for each decade in combination with heights….that might be a job for future me (or someone else). Thank you for your comments!


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