Galdor, Lord of the House of the Tree

Time for a fantasy costuming update! I’m part of a group of 11 for an event in February, and several people dropped out. You know what that means – time to rope one of my friends (“Nugget”) into wearing a costume that I just added to my docket.

Galdor, Lord of the House of the Tree

Basically: tree and plant motifs. Okay, I can do this.

This is one of the costumes where I looked at the fabric I had available and made a design inspired by it.


(My rough sketch at left; the model’s inspirational sketch at right.)

I traded about five yards of cheap (but pretty) brocade with Orisen Cosplay in return for several yards of this gorgeous sage green burnout velvet. I draped some bedsheets over Nugget and went to work.

(I messed up on construction because I didn’t pay attention to the nap, whoops. Had to recut. That microvelvet for Melisandre spoiled me….)

For the tunic, I found some heavy ivory satin and paired it with the spring green dupioni I’ve had in my stash for a while. I referenced a pattern – don’t remember which, probably a suit coat or something – cut the princess seams down, cut out shoulders, etc etc, drafted some oversleeves out of the recesses of my imagination – and somehow everything came together beautifully.

(This is Orisen modeling. She’s much taller than Nugget.)


Some nice seams…

Oh hey, I can add videos! Cool! So these are the pants:


I rigged them up with an ~innovative closure mechanism~ with twisty bits and buttons. Dunno. It kind of worked. Looks cool though!

I used a puff pant pattern that ended at the knee. Instead of cuffing them below the knee, I made the bottom sections so that they wrap around the leg and close at the side. Nugget tried them on with heeled boots and they looked like little hooves. It was great.

As for the belt:
I’ve gotten questions about my elf belts before, so I added in a progress photo here.


Instead of using vinyl, I cut out super thick interfacing, and cut out a larger piece of dark brown fabric. That got pinned and sewn down, and then i cut out a piece of fabric that was .5″ smaller all around, serged it (sorry it’s white…) and sewed that down about .5″ away from the original stitch line – but in green! I liked the colored topstitching enough that I added an additional row again in brown. Not the prettiest, but more masculine, which fits this elf anyway.


Tunic not yet hemmed, but the length of everything on the (rather short) model:

Tunic hemmed and buttoned… (I do buttonholes so rarely that I forgot my machine doesn’t like them. I had to do all of these with variable satin stitches instead.)

The day I got it done, Nugget came over and I got my photo equipment out to shoot. So happy with the results!

The whole costume took about 17-20 hours, with almost zero planning. And it looks great! #success

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