Roaring & Swinging: The Plus Pattern Project

I'm delighted to announce the opening today of an exhibition I worked on this year at the Museum at FIT: The Roaring Twenties and the Swinging Sixties. I developed the public programming for the exhibition along with Becca Carr, and you can see this content through the Extras tab on the site. What I'd like … Continue reading Roaring & Swinging: The Plus Pattern Project

Mini-project: 1922 Silk Frock

The portrait! I am so happy with it. The bulk of this was a one-night project; I found inspiration around 10pm and finished most of the work by 5am. It's not quite complete yet, but I had to get a portrait ASAP and didn't know how fast I'd be able to finish the rest of … Continue reading Mini-project: 1922 Silk Frock

1660s Dutch Ensemble: Everything Else (& final photos!)

1660s Dutch Ensemble The Bodice The Huik Everything Else (you are here) Shift I actually left this and the partlets until the end, though they're first in this post! I was torn between making a low-necked shift (appropriate for elite women) and a high-necked shift (everyone else). Some paintings do depict wealthy women with high-necked … Continue reading 1660s Dutch Ensemble: Everything Else (& final photos!)

Resource: Jumps, 1702-1882

Jumps: What, where, when, and why... This is a resource page dedicated to collecting textual references to women's jumps, a somewhat mysterious undergarment of the long 18th century. I have excerpted definitions, translations, news articles, court records, and published books and magazines from 1702-1882. For a general overview of corset terminology, check out The Dreamstress. … Continue reading Resource: Jumps, 1702-1882