1740s-60s Court Suit (Part III)

Back to Prince Adam! It's now mid-winter, and I've finally finished this behemoth of a costume. This blog post will be about making the frock coat and remaining accessories. (As a reminder: this is not historically accurate – I am reproducing the court suit that Prince Adam wears in the last scene of the the … Continue reading 1740s-60s Court Suit (Part III)


1830s Sleeve Supports!

I've been seeing a lot of 1830s the past few weeks as Dickens events come up in the calendar (exciting!), and I thought that I would contribute my fair share of tips-n-tricks with a tutorial for of sleeve supports. But not sleeve plumpers, oh no! Abby of American Duchess has kindly done the work on that … Continue reading 1830s Sleeve Supports!